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Escort Adult Payment Coin (EAPC) was created to pay Adult Content privately and a Masternode Coin with POS, Proof of Stake!



Adult Sites Get More Visitors Each Month Than Netflix, Amazon And Twitter Combined! In fact 30% of all data transferred across the internet is Adult Content!

Globally, Adult Content is a $97 Billion industry and rising everyday!

In 2018 alone, more than 5,517,000,000 Trillion hours of Adult Content were consumed. The world’s largest free adult content site also received over 33,500,000,000 Trillion site visits during 2018 alone!

And that’s where EAPC comes into the Game. EAPC keeps your life and your personal spendings anonymous and only for you applicable. Through our upcoming Mobile wallet there will be loads of features like SwiftTX for instant transactions when purchasing on or offline. The plan For the upcoming year is to implement a EAPC Debit card and gain even more acceptance on the Market. Towards that we guarantee high security for all our customers and their personal Data. Our Partner CIVIC and The Civic app stores a user’s personally identifiable information (PII) securely on his or her device using high-level encryption and biometrics. The user chooses whether to approve or deny all requests for information.


Masternode Education

VPS Solutions

Shared Masternodes

Arbitrage INvesting

Web & Mobile Wallets


UI Design of the upcoming Mobile Wallet


Achievements to fulfill Roadmap

How EAPC Masternodes Works

Masternodes are progressively paving a new road in the Cryptocurrency space. They provide steady rewards for users and a more stable blockchain for developers.

Masternodes are servers established by Community members, who have fulfilled certain criteria of holding ESCORTCoinsThese Members are then entitled to a portion of the block Reward.

In order to run a Masternode on the ESCORT-Core-Blockchain, Community Members must secure a particular amount of ESCORTcoins as collateral. Essentially, the more Nodes set up by the Community, the more Decentralized the Escort–Network becomes. As a result, Masternode holders not only receive

Rewards, but also make the Network significantly STRONGER.

Why Invest in an EAPC Masternode?

When trying to make money with cryptocurrencies, very few options will usually provide decent results fairly quickly. This is especially true when it comes to investments with Crypto (HYIP’s).

Owning a masternode, while a more expensive venture for most users, can yield some surprisingly good monthly revenue.



Low Fees

High Security

Swift TX

Are You Looking to Dive Into Crypto?


Digital Currency Market Analysis

The potential for growth and the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin attracted many vendors to the virtual currency market. Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrency to gain prominence apart from Bitcoin in this market. These cryptocurrencies were introduced with an intention to eliminate the shortcomings of Bitcoins and have successfully captured sizable market shares.

Our Core Team Experts

Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen.

Each and every one of our team members represents the EAPC spirit:

Timothy H.

Co. Founder & Managing Director

  • Blockchain Mastermind
  • Web Developer

Mike A.



Backend Developer

Antonio Souza

Discord Admin

  • Social Media Expert
  • Blockchain & Crypto Mastermind

Passion – Drive – Innovation –  Blockchain LOVE

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